Feasibility Studies

The purpose of our feasibility studies are to give you an educated estimate of the cost to develop either property you own or are planning to purchase. This can help you determine the feasibility to move forward on your project with confidence knowing the costs associated with building your home. They are also a key element if you are planning to finance your project with a custom construction loan. It lets the lender know you have planned properly.

We also perform and/or coordinate all of the work estimated in your feasibility study. If you decide you would like us to perform the work itemized in your feasibility study, we will apply the initial feasibility cost towards the total contract price.

Level 1 – Basic Study

Basic study involves estimated costs when replacing an old home or manufactured home with a new home where the existing utilities are still to code. Includes estimated permit costs and submittal, excavation, reconnecting existing utilities, concrete flatwork, decks, and painting costs.

Level 2 – Intermediate study

Intermediate study involves estimating costs for a property which has had preliminary studies completed but needs utilities bid or for replacing an old home or manufactured home with a new home but requires new or updated utilities or Includes all Level 1 items, plus impact fees, water and sewer facility fees, septic system estimate, well estimate, and power provider connection fees

Level 3 – Advanced Study

Advanced study involves estimating costs for an undeveloped property which has no formal studies to determine critical areas or concerns. It also includes properties with identified critical areas which need additional studies for mitigation. Includes all Level 1 & 2 items plus as needed estimates such as CAD, survey, civil engineering, SEPA, Fish and Wildlife, wetland, geotechnical, storm water and erosion control design fees. 

Property Searches

We are working on a new property consultation program to help clients when looking to purchase property. This would help identify critical areas and ‘budget busters’ when comparing potential properties. We realize it doesn’t make financial sense to complete a feasibility study on every property you are looking to build on but it would help to get some feedback on multiple properties to help identify the one which works best for you. This wouldn’t be as in-depth as a full feasibility study but we will be able to provide our opinion on which properties would be easier to develop or estimated timeframes for necessary permits and/or studies.

Permit Submittal

We can also assist with assembling and submitting miscellaneous permits from building permits to landscaping permits to help ease your frustration level when dealing with building departments. This is also great for owner/builders or investors who would prefer to deal with the building department as little as possible. We would need to discuss your needs and local building permit jurisdiction to determine the costs.